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The Essential Go-To Coffee Shops in Pasadena

The Essential Go-To Coffee Shops in Pasadena


For the majority, the first drink that we have to start our glorious day is the one and only coffee. Coffee is such an integral part of our day that sometimes we forget how medicinal and euphoric the drink actually makes us feel. There are many coffee shops that some people, like myself, are willing to drive out to because of their unique blends, customer service and ultimately quality of coffee. In Pasadena, there are many of your standard coffee shops, Starbucks and Coffee Bean, in particular. However, there are radical modern versions of coffee creations that can re-awaken or enhance ones adoration for coffee. These select few coffee cafes in Pasadena are also  a great place to take your relatives or friends that are visiting for the Holidays! If  they are not coffee lovers, no worries, these places still have other options to accommodate their needs.

1. Intelligentsia in Old Town Pasadena

This coffee shop in the midst of Old Pasadena, as most locals know, is always a bustling joint. However, the team they have is always spot on and quick with taking orders. Each cup of java is hand made and Intelligentsia is focused on the freshness of brewing coffee for all their guests. The coffee beans are always ground for each individual order, placed into a filter over a flask-like cup. The barista, in turn, holds a stainless steel tea kettle with boiled water set to the exact temperature that barista scholars believe to be the crux to a perfect cup of coffee and pours it over the grind. These skilled baristas have temperature gauges, flask-like glasses and more which make you feel as if you are in a laboratory full of barista scientist. The baristas even can make any adjustments or accommodations to make your order extra special and personalized to you. I highly recommend relaxing at their store where you can enjoy the ambience of other coffee lovers.

Address: 55 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91105


2. 85 Degrees Bakery in Old Town Pasadena

In United States, it is a rarity to have this specific bakery close to home. You should expect to be graced with decadent pastries, bread, cakes, drinks and coffee at this bakery. I always tell people it is nothing like Porto’s Bakery, which is what most people are familiar with here in Los Angeles. However, since we are on the topic of coffee I will go straight to say that 85 Degrees’ best foreign creation is the “Iced Sea Salt Coffee.” Some have never heard of this combination but the sea salt surprisingly bolsters the taste of the coffee flavor. The sea salt, cream and coffee all harmonize together to create a beautiful symphony of flavors. The baked goods are also perfect companions to any of the drinks they offer. So… if you decide to hit 85 Degrees Bakery then give it a shot and try any of their sea salt drinks. You will not be disappointed.

If you are coming out with family and loved ones, then start with 85 Degrees. They have so many wonderful offerings and have plenty of choices for all.  In addition, for those who prefer tea over coffee, they have an ample selection of teas to choose from as well.

Address: 61 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

3.  Jones Coffee Roasters

Jones Coffee is a hidden gem that mostly only locals know.  It’s on Raymond, just South of California.  I always loved their ambience with plenty of seating available in nooks and crannies as well as many treats and neighborhood events.  Parking can be a challenge in their lot, but don’t let that stop you.  It’s worth a visit.

Address: 693 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

4.  Jameson Brown Coffee

Another Pasadena favorite.  If you want to hang out with locals then Jameson Brown is the place to go.  Plenty of soy, almond and other milk options.  They cater to coffee connoisseurs with hand-roasted beans and small batch brews.  Couches, arm chairs and some limited outdoor seating make this a trendy and truly local hangout.

Address: 260 North Allen Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106

Let us know which of these is your favorite.  And, don’t let your New Years resolution hold you back from enjoying some of the most decadent drinks and treats.

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