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Day 176: Jones Coffee

If you are a Pasadena native or just visiting Pasadena and coffee is your drug of choice, Jones Coffee should definitely be on your list of Things To Do. They recently moved to a new location at 693 S Raymond, an industrial warehouse that offers an eclectic and charming atmosphere.  With various movie posters, art prints and paintings, an old piano, a motel sign on one of the walls, Jones created great space and a perfect setting for the locals to hang out.

Jones Coffee in Pasadena

Bags full of coffee are out on display and all sorts of coffee making equipment just beckons you to explore and learn more about coffee and its origins.  You can see coffee being packed and getting ready to be shipped by workers, all taking place behind the glass encased wall.  People are relaxing, reading newspapers and enjoying their cappuccinos and having informal meetings.  There’s just something magical about this space.

When I was there the first time, I had the pleasure of meeting Mireya Jones, one of the owners.  An absolutely lovely lady who is passionate about people, art and coffee.  In the mornings, she opens her office and heart to little kids and allows mothers to take a much needed break.  During the day, she oversees the operations and at night, she ensures that there’s always something special taking place.

I learned that Jones is a frequent stop for the latest food craze – food trucks!  Yes… from the Sweets Truck that serves… well sweets… to the Nom Nom Truck, known for their Vietnamese sandwiches and almost winning (they came in 2nd!) The Great Food Truck race, you can find most of them here.  They come at lunch time and in the evenings to serve their tasty and unique offerings.  I believe even the Grilled Cheese Truck made the appearance at Jones.  Give them a call at (626)564-9291 to get the full schedule.

Jones Coffee created their presence in 1994 and have been a strong presence in Pasadena ever since.  You might have seen them in Whole Foods and other retailers.  They offer great beans for that perfect cup of coffee!  So… now you know the Pasadena locals secret… Jones Coffee.

They also offer coffee workshops where you can learn the basics of coffee from seed to cup.  Classes run about an hour and a half and will help you become the best Barista in town.  Think of all the coffee parties you can have.  🙂

Try Jones Coffee and let me know what you think!

Jones Coffee

693 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 564-9291

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