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Pasadena is Perfect to Bring New Year’s Resolutions to Fruition

Pasadena is Perfect to Bring New Year’s Resolutions to Fruition


It’s that time of year again, where health is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions on everyone’s list.  Living in Pasadena makes it so easy for our health related resolutions like exercise to come to fruition.  There is an opportunity to achieve success on this resolution cost effectively by taking advantage of many outdoor walking and hiking activities here in the city of roses. Pasadena has the best weather conditions in the world and tons of outdoor recreational areas. For instance, our parks, trails, community centers, fields and our beautiful streets can all serve as your gym, free of charge.

These outdoor arenas are the best and most cost effective ways to focus on achieving your goals. In these places you save money, diet, exercise and even socialize. Outdoor activities can range from basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming, walking, jogging, cycling and even hiking. It will cost you 100 times less than buying a local gym membership or gym equipment. There is just this disconnect of socialization and robotic notion that envelopes the gym environment. Outdoors you have wide open space, physically move from one point to another, breathe fresh air and explore the world around you. You not only tone your muscles and create new networks of friends but above all new adventures and memories. Here are a few great locations (listed easy to hard) to achieve your resolutions while doing it cost effectively.

1. A Neighborhood (Our Favorite: San Marino)

If you have to take it slow at first then that’s perfectly fine. The best place to start your exercise resolution, is a walk around your neighborhood. In Pasadena, you can enjoy a stroll in any neighborhood while looking at the beautiful architecture and historical homes. Listen to the tree leaves rustle above you and the harmonic tunes of birds singing and flying though the space around you.  (okay… we do have the very loud parrots as well, but they can be fun!)You will discover that these walks can become therapeutic and enjoyable which will go hand in hand with getting you in shape physically and mentally. If you live in a neighborhood with bustling cars and noise then we recommend heading to the San Marino’s Lacy Park – truly a hidden treasure. Enjoy the scenic route of homes, tall trees, crisp air and lovely views of some home’s gardens.

2. Huntington Drive

Huntington Drive is by far one of the greatest streets to cycle on in Pasadena. The route is not only scenic but it can take you through the different cities of San Gabriel Valley.   There are also great cafes and retail stores that you can stop and take a break to explore. If you do not know how to bike yet then you should add it to your resolution list! There is always a group of cyclists that get together every Saturday morning, and travel down Huntington Drive. You can always follow them on their path and make it a goal to finish their course. Just don’t forget to wear a helmet!

3. Victory Park

This is the place to call your co-workers, friends and family to have a throw-down. This throw-down can be basketball, football, volleyball, soccer and even baseball. Your kids can also enjoy the playground that has bridges, swings and a mini jungle gym. The baseball fields even have bleachers with lights. There are restrooms, drinking fountains and ample parking at the park. You can practically spend almost every weekend at this park making new friends at the community center and bringing the family closer together. The memories you will share and resolutions you will accomplish at this park will be priceless.

4. San Marino’s hidden stairs

For those of you that want to incorporate steps, lots of steps into your work out.  Check out this post about the staircase just across Lacy Park.  Run/walk up and down this baby a couple of times and enjoy a stroll around the park to cool down.

5. Mt. Lowe Railway Trail

For those of you who have already been keeping in shape or are looking for a challenge this new year then you have to check out this trail. This trail used to be a fully functional railway that stopped running in the mid 1900s and was ultimately destroyed by flooding and fire.  It is 5.4 miles of endless trail begging to be conquered by you and many others. Conquer this trip and discover beautiful flowers, a circular bridge and views that are breathtaking. The trail is open year-round and you are even allowed to take your dog with you. However, do not forget to pack sports drinks, sandwiches and emergency gear just in case you venture off because there is hardly any cell phone signal service out there.

These are just a few places that our real estate agents enjoy visiting.  What are your favorite hikes and trails?  Leave a comment below.  We’d love to explore them!

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