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Daisy Property Transformation

Daisy Property Transformation

I’ve met Hiro and Mana several years back holding an open house for another property that I was selling.  They were both so sweet and kind.  They told me that they have been living in a home in Pasadena and overall have been quite happy there.  However, the home was set behind a school and they felt like they needed a bit more privacy and serenity as it was getting closer to their retirement.

Unfortunately, it took several years to position them to sell their home and buy a new one closer to the foothills.  In getting their home on Daisy ready for sale, i wanted to highlight the Traditional floorplan and the huge yard that at the time of sale was unused. It was very important to get top dollar so that Hiro and Mana would be able to get the type of home they wanted to retire in.  Also, both were going to be out of the country for several months and we needed to make some decisions prior to them leaving and I was going to supervise the project and then put the home on the market.  Thankfully, we could prepare some of the forms requiring “live” signatures ahead of time and use an electronic signature service for the rest.

Given the school and some additional construction planned to expand it, we were a bit concerned about how quickly the home will sell.  However, once the work was completed, our marketing plan implemented, Daisy home sold to an all cash buyer in just a few weeks.  See all the final marketing photos at 93 South Daisy website page.

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  • Before-Daisy Kitchen
    After-Daisy Kitchen
    BeforeDaisy KitchenAfter

Kitchen before and after

Changes to improve the space:

  • Paint and declutter went a long way in this kitchen.
  • Overhead light fixture was changed to a more modern one.
  • Window coverings were removed to let the sunshine in.
  • Before-Daisy Breakfast
    After-Daisy Breakfast
    BeforeDaisy BreakfastAfter

Breakfast room before and after

Breakfast room was used as an office and additional storage spaces.  We wanted to convert it to its original use.  Changes to improve the space:

  • Removed the built-ins including shelving on the walls
  • Repainted
  • Added a new light fixture and opened the windows.
  • Before-Daisy Living Room
    After-Daisy Living Room
    BeforeDaisy Living RoomAfter
  • Before-Daisy Living Room two
    After-Daisy Living Room two
    BeforeDaisy Living Room twoAfter

Living Room before and after

The living room had dark wood throughout and panels on the ceiling.  My goal was to open it up and bring attention and focus to the beautiful red brick fireplace. Changes to improve the space:

  • Removed all wooden molding on the ceiling.
  • Repainted built-ins white and repainted the room a lighter white.
  • Removed light fixtures, brought in art and furniture.
  • Before-Daisy Dining Room
    After-Daisy Dining Room
    BeforeDaisy Dining RoomAfter

Dining Room before and after

Changes to improve the space:

  • Painted the dining room.
  • Changed the ceiling light fixture.
  • Removed window coverings.
  • Brought in art and furniture.
  • Before-Daisy Back Yard
    After-Daisy Back Yard
    BeforeDaisy Back YardAfter

Back Yard before and after

Changes to improve the space:

  • Reseeded the yard.
  • Added fountain in the corner and sitting bench on the side.
  • Added roses and potted plants.
  • Brough in gravel in other areas.

Ultimately, it’s our clients who tell us how well we did and here’s what Mana and Hiro had to say:

“Everything about Irina is already written. All are true!!

Our house was not million dollar house she sometimes handles, even had some negative aspects for sale, yet she took care with possible maximum attention. We never felt being treated poorly, we felt like her most important clients as somebody wrote previously .

As a seller, everybody wants to sell high, spending zero cost. But she is realistic and does not give you a fancy picture as you desire. The pricing she gave us was little bit disappointing at first. Also she suggested to spend some for such as painting inside out, and fix problems. We wondered, this cost and time(3~4 weeks) would be worth spending to get better offers???

After all, we did everything she said to do. And the result was, we had ONLY ONE offer, but it was cash! From the house was on the market until escrow closed; THREE WEEKS!! If we didn’t follow her advice, probably the house is still sitting on the market draining money (mortgage) every minute!

Irina’s sweetness and professionalism are genuine, no fake smile you sometimes see on business/sales people. We could not have gone through this stressful experience if not for her. She is a natural-born agent!” – Mana and Hiro Y.

For a free home selling consultation, call (626) 629-8439

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