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How To Sell A House


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Selling a house is one of the most stressful real estate transactions.  The goal of selling quickly and for the most money is foremost on every seller’s mind.  A house is also one of the biggest investments that we have and making a mistake in approaching the sale from selecting a real estate agent to setting the price can be very costly.  The articles below will help you in understanding the home selling process whether you hire a RealtorĀ® or decide to sell a home as a for sale by owner.

How to Generate Multiple Offers for a Higher Sales Price:

Infographic on how to generate multiple offers when selling Pasadena homes

How to Sell a Home:

8 Tips to Follow BEFORE Listing Your Home for Sale

Sell Your Home in 30 days – Part 1 – how to prepare your home for sale and price it correctly!

Sell Your Home in 30 days or less – Part 2 – how do you make your home stand out? Why should a real estate agent show your home vs. your competition? What differentiates your home from the rest of the available inventory?

Did you know that there are power words that will help sell your home? Really – there are! Take a look at The Power of words to sell your Pasadena home.

We all love photos. The more photos the merrier. When I talk with a potential home buyer, they always want to know if there are any additional photos of a home that they are interested in. Of course, we’re doing so much research on line when thinking of buying a home. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words!

Marketing your Pasadena property: Property Brochure – the do’s and don’ts.

Ever wondered how real estate agent come up with home prices? Read Pricing Your Pasadena Home to Sell.

Do you know that most homes for sale in Pasadena need a termite inspection?  Read Termite Inspection Explained.

Proper Seller Etiquette?

Seller Bloopers: What not to do when you are selling your home!

Ready to sell your home?  Read HELP ME SELL MY HOUSE, complete the form below or give me a call at (626) 629-8439 for a private consultation where we can discuss specific house selling advice tailored to meet you house selling needs. I look forward to being of service!



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