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DAY 269: Stairs at Lacy Park

Are you ready to do some exercising outside the gym?  If so, Day 269 of 365 Things To Do Around Pasadena takes you back to San Marino and the little known stairs on the side of Lacy Park.

San Marino Stairs - Exercise

Locals and exercise mavens know these two sets of stairs leading from Virginia Road on the side of Lacy Park up into the estate hills of San Marino. It’s a two set stairway with a water fountain at the top. The view is gorgeous. You are surrounded by beautiful foliage and plant life. There is a bit of a break in between two stairs that you can walk or jog across.

San Marino Stairs - walking stretch

Water fountain waiting for you:

water fountain under a tree

Lacy Park across the Street from the stairs

Whether you are there in the morning or the afternoon, you’ll find folks exercising. Once you’re done, just walk across Virginia Road and enjoy Lacy. It is by far one of the best parks in the area. Remember that weekdays are free, but if you do not live in San Marino, there’s a nominal charge to enter.

So continue working on your New Year’s resolution and get in shape with a bit of outdoor stair walking. Depending on the intensity of your stair walking, you can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes. Not bad!  Hope to see you there one day!

Google Map for San Marino Stairs

View San Marino Stairs in a larger map

Take Huntington Drive to Virginia Road, go North, follow around Lacy Park as soon as you pass Shenandoah, look for the stairs on your right.

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