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The 626 Night Market is Back and Bigger than ever!

The 626 Night Market is Back and Bigger than ever!

Photo Courtesy of Wen Zeng
Photo Courtesy of Wen Zeng

The 626 Night Market is coming back to Arcadia not one, not two, but three separate times this year for its fourth season running.  Taking place at the Santa Anita Race Track, this event is the LARGEST asian-themed night market in the entire United States of America, and for good reason.  Boasting over 200 different foods, merchandise, crafts, arts, games, music, and entertainment attractions for all ages, this market has been steadily growing in size since its extremely successful opening back in 2012.

Initially located in Old Town Pasadena at conception, the night market has since been moved to Santa Anita Park after causing massive traffic jams in the city by the unexpectedly large crowd that showed up its first weekend.  Now over 60,000 people are estimated to attend each weekend from all over the area to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine and a unique nightlife inspired by the night markets of Asia, especially the Shilin Night Market in Tapei.  With everything from Vietnamese savory crepes, to Korean BBQ, to unreal amounts of Boba Milk Tea, this is the place to satisfy all those cravings that have been building up all year.  Aside from food, entertainment includes live performers, visual artists and Dj’s creating a fun atmosphere to explore and spend free time in.  If you are in the area this 4th of July weekend, we highly recommend stopping by.

The 626 Night Market will take place on the following dates & times:

Fri, July 3: 4pm-1am
Sat, July 4: 4pm-1am
Sun, July 5: 4pm-11pm

Fri, Aug 7: 4pm-1am
Sat, Aug 8: 4pm-1am
Sun, Aug 9: 4pm-10pm

Fri, Sept 4: 4pm-1am
Sat, Sept 5: 4pm-1am
Sun, Sept 6: 4pm-1am (Special Labor Day Extended Hours)

Parking is FREE and admission is $3.  Children 6 and under are free.

This event is one of our favorites, check out what we wrote about it last year.

It will be held at the Santa Anita Race Track on 285 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007. The Santa Anita Race Track is a popular venue for other events such as the California Philharmonic Concert Series, the Santa Anita Oktoberfestand of course Horse Racing!

Make sure to bring all your friends and family so you won’t feel so bad eating all that food by yourself!

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