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Camille Kennedy: Rose Queen 2020!
The coronation event of the Rose Queen at the historic Pasadena Playhouse began with the Pasadena To [more]
You, Yes, YOU young lady, could be a part of Pasadena & Tournament of Roses history - the major [more]
Your pick for the 2018 Rose Queen?
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Love on Green for Live on Green!
  A local, and arguably, world tradition begun back in the 19th century here in Pasadena to [more]
126th Rose Parade Floats Photos
The 1st of the year brings new hopes for change, peace and new beginnings for all.  Pasadena is als [more]
Explore the Rose Parade Route with the Walkie-Talkies
Have you ever wondered where the famous Pasadena Rose Parade starts and ends? Well, this is your c [more]
Pasadena Lifestyle is Showcased During Rose Parade and Rose Bowl
This year's Tournament of Roses offers a specially devised program which honors and celebrates great [more]
Day 231: Rose Parade Quick Facts
Quick facts about the Rose Parade and an insider's perspective! [more]
If you are in Pasadena and would like to experience the magic of the Rose Parade floats before the p [more]
A Rosy Morning in Pasadena – Happy New Year!
Pasadena Rose Parade behind the scenes photos and floats. [more]