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Camille Kennedy: Rose Queen 2020!

Camille Kennedy: Rose Queen 2020!

The coronation event of the Rose Queen at the historic Pasadena Playhouse began with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses (PTOR) President Laura Farber giving a hug to Lynette Romero, MC & KTLA anchor/reporter. 


It culminated with Farber announcing & crowning the 102nd Rose Queen from the Royal Court:

Camille Kennedy!


Rose Queen Kennedy will attend & preside over the 131st Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade down Colorado Boulevard & the 106th Rose Bowl game on January 1st, 2020!

Yes, there have been more Rose Parades & Rose Bowl games than Rose Queens.  The young princesses impressed and sounded very well-spoken, at least as polished as any other Royal Court I’ve heard! 

Queen Kennedy, a senior from La Salle College Prep in Pasadena, was one of my 2 guesses as to which Rose Princess would be chosen Queen.  In a rare year, I guessed correctly!

And President Laura Farber continued to impress & shine as the new leader of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.  From what I’ve witnessed, I really believe the PTOR would benefit greatly from her leadership & energy, doing something she appears to really thrive in, if she were given an opportunity to take on a full-time leadership position at Tournament House.  But, what do I know.

Although these coronation events always seem to have some empty seat s, this year it appeared to be the best attended of the several coronations I’ve reported & attended.  Any readers attend the coronation this year? And they always present an opportunity to renew acquaintances with “white-suiters” and others in the community. So, for instance, I I shared good times with a couple of friends from Pasadena City Hall.  But this year I arrived rather “late to the game” so your reporter didn’t do much socializing. 

Expanded coverage & photos later.

The official news from The Tournament is HERE.

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