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Love on Green for Live on Green!

Love on Green for Live on Green!


A local, and arguably, world tradition begun back in the 19th century here in Pasadena to start off the New Year – The Tournament of Roses Parade (PTOR) – has something new added to the events leading up the the kickoff of the New Year:




Yesterday I attended the brisk, early morning “Grand Opening” of Live on Green in what many hope will be a regular, must see, event leading up to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.  Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks KTLA-5 parade hosts were the special guests to launch this.  Yet, after many, many years of hosting parade coverage they are retiring after this 2016 Rose Parade.

About 200 attended this launch: regular folk, media/photographers, and PTOR White-Suiters including the Queen & Royal Court and their parents.

I’ll write much more on Live on Green next year when I have more time in this hectic end to the year. For now, I mainly want to alert a few more of you who, understandably, may not be aware of the new Live on Green parade event so you can put it on your  “bucket list” if not this year, then next.

Most of the details, the schedule, I’ll place in links at the end.  Here I’ll simply make note of a few highlights and a few photos. Then it’s up to you to go discover Live on Green for yourself!


First, “what’s it going to cost us?”  FREE. Repeat, FREE!!  One of the very best deals on events related to the parade & bowl game!

Location: Pasadena Convention Center

Time:  12/31 9am-3pm is the last day of the 3-day festival, otherwise it’s “wait ‘til next year.”

Who: Family friendly with things for kids and adults

What:  The west building of the convention center houses mostly National Parks Service (NPS) exhibits.  The NPS celebrates its centennial in 2016 and is getting special recognition in the parade. The building on the east side of the Civic Auditorium appeared to me to showcase entirely Rose Parade & Rose Bowl exhibits.  The highlight of this side is probably a small exhibit to honor the memory of Raul Rodriquez who died this year.  Rodriquez may be the greatest float designer in Rose Parade history.

Interspersed with these 2 major themes are live music, food prep demos, photo-ops, special speakers, 2 food courts outside, and shuttle buses down to the Rose Bowl.  The link to details will give you more!

My 1st Impression: The attendance was a bit thin while I was there.  Understandably with day 1 of such a new event.  But I feel once more people start hearing about it, it should be a regular, must do event associated with the parade and draw good crowds! I met & spoke with the good folks running this event (locals!) who have much experience running major events such as those associated with the Super Bowl.  And, day 1 or not,  I was impressed with what I saw and one can expect it will get even better with age.  How impressed? Well, I planned to spend 2 hours at this thing…I ended up spending most of the day.


Okay, enough of me.  Here’s a handful of the hundreds of photos from my Live on Green photo album:


KTLA-5, one of the major sponsors of Live on Green was there with Wendy Burch representing.  BTW, I’ve met the cameraman (pictured here) at a previous event.  Somehow he was able to remember me.





Of course there was an opening ceremony with a grand opening ribbon cutting for this new parade event. On hand were Bob & Stephanie to do the ribbon-cutting, the Queen & her Royal Court, Michael Ross the CEO of the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Center, Air Force color guard, and Tournament of Roses officials among many others.



You can “ride” on the Queen & Court float for a dollar!




The east pavilion is 2 floors of Rose Parade & Rose Bowl theme exhibits. Plenty to see.  One of the you’ll see on entering is the tribute to Raul R. Rodriguez.  He died in 2015 and was perhaps the greatest of the float designer in the history of the parade.









On the other side of the Civic Auditorium the west pavilion has a National Parks Service theme. 2016 is their centennial.




Alright, this has been my last post for the year and I’m happy it was for a, though brief, look at the wonderful, new Live on Green. There is so much more that I didn’t show here. Check the links, then hurry out to there either today or next year!


And here are links which can provide more than I can in my limited time:




Have Yourself a Happy New Year!


Gotta Get Going!  Stay Thirsty My Friends

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