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Day 212: Holiday Light Displays
Looking to view some spectacular holiday lights this weekend? Take a peak at some of the light displ [more]
Pasadena Celebrates Julia Child
Celebrate Julia Child's Birthday with city-wide cocktail party on 8/15/12 [more]
Outdoor Summer Concerts in the Park – Pasadena Area 2012
Summer concert festivities begin with outdoor concerts in the park! See the schedule for Pasadena a [more]
The Pasadena Marathon is taking Place this Sunday May 20th. See all the ways you can participate! [more]
Day 5: Juicy Strawberries
Sweet and juicy strawberries fresh from the farm on 365 Things To Do In Pasadena™. [more]
Garden Bliss:  The Art of Fei Liu
Local Pasadena artist - Fei Liu exhibits her work at Century Books. [more]
Pasadena Restaurant Week Opens Sunday, March 25th!
Pasadena Restaurant Week features 50 local restaurants with exciting culinary offerings at exception [more]
Day 322: Santa Anita Food Truck Festival
Santa Anita Food Truck Festival is BACK! Head down to Santa Anita Park Saturday, April 2 and enjoy f [more]
Day 268: Romance in Pasadena – Valentine’s Day Activities
Valentine Day ideas for Pasadena Sweethearts - 365 Things To Do In Pasadena comes to the rescue! [more]
Day 255: Pasadena Pinotfest
Enjoy hundreds of wines,cheese and charcuterie selections at the Pasadena Pinotfest at the Altadena [more]