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Day 5: Juicy Strawberries

Day 5: Juicy Strawberries

UPDATE 4/24/12:  Thacker Farms are back.  Just bought my strawberries on the corner of Foothill and San Gabriel!  Don’t miss the season!

Fresh strawberries in Pasadena! Need I say more? Check out the Thacker Farms Strawberry stand.

Thacker Farms is bringing farm fresh strawberries every morning to a couple of locations in Pasadena. The one featured here is on the North East corner of Foothill and San Gabriel Blvd. They’ve taken over the empty parking lot better known for its annual Christmas Tree sales.

I first noticed these luscious berries being sold last weekend. Stopped by and couldn’t help, but buy these giant beauties – 1/2 a flat later and I was in heaven. These by far are the juiciest, sweetest strawberries available in the area. If you bought yours in a grocery store recently, you’ll see the difference immediately. There’s just no comparison.

You can buy these strawberries 3 containers at a time for $10, 1/2 a flat for $20 and a full flat which contains about 100 large strawberries are $40. When you buy, make sure to get your frequent buyer card – a punch for every 3 containers. After 12 punches, you get 3 containers FREE.

These strawberries are picked daily and are delivered all the way from Oxnard every morning. The stand opens at 9 am and usually sells out by 1 or 2 pm each day.

The second stand is somewhere just North of Old Town Pasadena around Fair Oaks and Union or Walnut, I believe. If anyone knows the exact location, please share. In the meantime, take a look at this video:

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