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Foreclosure advice and helpful articles for Pasadena home sellers and home buyers. [more]
Court Rules in Favor of Home Buyers looking to buy foreclosure REO homes in Pasadena
California Liberates REO Title and Escrow Selection - will this make it easier for Pasadena home buy [more]
Insurance Problems for Homes in Escrow close to the Fire Zone
Insurance carriers take a stand on issuing home fire policies in areas close to Station Fire. This [more]
Station Fire Update and Evacuation Centers
Latest information on the Station fire with the evacuation shelter information [more]
Time is running out for the $8000 tax break on Pasadena homes for sale
To qualify for the $8,000 tax credit, the home buyer must close escrow by midnight on Nov. 30, when [more]
You might be hearing a lot about HOEPA, HERA and HVCC on the news. Acronyms that stand for Home Owne [more]
See today's schedule for fireworks and activities in San Marino California - Lacy Park [more]
A Day at Zuma Beach
A great day at the beach! [more]
The Beauty of Nature around Pasadena California
Flowers in June - discover Pasadena California [more]
Pasadena’s Bring Your Own Wine Wednesday!
See which Pasadena Restaurants are participating in Bring Your Own Wine Wednesdays (BYOW) ! [more]