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Pasadena and San Gabriel: Congratulations on Being on the Top 5 List!
Pasadena and San Gabriel are at the mercy of LA County Assessor's Office [more]
Farmers Markets around Pasadena
Pasadena area farmer's markets makes for healthy living! [more]
Relocating to Pasadena California – Information and Resource Guide
Relocating to Pasadena California? If you are thinking of moving or relocating to Pasadena, Calif [more]
Joanna and I met last week when she contacted me about another article that she was doing about Pasa [more]
Do you have $52 Million to spare?
A one of a kind, unique estate in Pasadena California. [more]
Pasadena California – Oak Knoll
Pasadena's Oak Knoll Neighborhood [more]
Pasadena Area Neighborhoods
Pasadena Neighborhood Information [more]
Are FHA Rates the Same Across the Country?
One of my readers emailed me and posed this question about FHA loans today: [more]
Monterey Hills Neighborhood Overview:  Condo and Towhome Complexes
Monterey Hills is such a great place to live. It's centrally located next to South Pasadena, Pasade [more]
Is it the right time for you to buy your Pasadena home? [more]