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A Day at Zuma Beach

What I love about living in Pasadena is that we can be by the beach in less than an hour. Today, we decided to drive down to Malibu and visit Zuma beach.

The day started at Wild Thyme in South Pasadena with Moulin Rouge French Toast. It was truly delicious and topped with chocolate shavings. And, off to the beach we went.

The weather was a bit on the cold side. There was at least a 20 degree drop, but it was still a beautiful day. We saw dolphins and found a beached baby seal.
baby seal at Zuma beach

Fortunately, it was in a protected animal area and the Marine Animal Rescue Team made it just in time and helped the little fellow.

Marine Rescue Team

Some brave souls were swimming, but the ocean was freezing! Overall, a great day!

And, just for fun, I wanted to see what Malibu has to offer as far as real estate is concerned. There are close to 350 homes for sale and the highest is $65,000,000! Take a look.

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