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Ranch Style Home in Pasadena – For Sale
Three houses on a 3/4 acre lot with pool! This is the official property listing website for 3090 [more]
Broker Home Tour – January 12, 2017
After the rain comes more rain. Today was a wet broker caravan tour. Our team went out to preview ho [more]
1743 Glen Avenue Pasadena
1743 Glen Avenue, Pasadena California 91103 Spacious and bright Spanish Revival home! This is th [more]
Spanish Home For Sale – 1613 Casa Grande Pasadena
1613 Casa Grande, Pasadena California 91104 Beautifully updated Spanish home on one of the most be [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jul 2, 2015
As expected, we had very low inventory this week, right before 4th of July, with about half as many [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jun 25, 2015
On this sizzling hot home tour day, we had 96 available houses for previewing. Although the majority [more]
Broker Home Tour – May 28, 2015
It's getting more exciting as more properties enter the real estate market. We are seeing a variety [more]
Broker Home Tour – May 14, 2015
It was indeed a rainy broker home tour today. With the drought in our area, we welcome the moist wit [more]
Broker Home Tour – Apr 23, 2015
YES...more homes on the market in the Greater Pasadena area! A total of 88 available listings in tod [more]
Broker Home Tour – Apr 16, 2015
Glad to see more homes coming up for sale!  :-) From the 80 homes available, there are several opti [more]