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Broker Home Tour – Mar 13, 2015
Spring is finally here and we can tell by the rising number (and temperature!) of homes for sale. Th [more]
Broker Home Tour – Mar 6, 2015
Yesterday's broker tour had 62 homes for sale. Choosing a home isn't always the easiest thing to do, [more]
Broker Home Tour – Feb 26, 2015
Today's broker tour featured 65 homes for sale in the Greater Pasadena area. Competition between buy [more]
Broker Home Tour – Feb 5, 2015
I'm excited to feature two great houses, seen at this week's broker tour. The first one is located i [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jan 29, 2015
Our usual Thursday broker tour in the morning was a bit quiet today. Not because there weren't any h [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jan 15, 2015
It was great to see that the housing inventory is on a rise in the Greater Pasadena area. We are alm [more]
Broker Home Tour – Jan 8, 2015
We are off to a new slow, but yet exciting start with 41 properties for viewing in this year’s fir [more]
Broker Home Tour – Dec 4, 2015
The real estate market is still active despite us being in the mist of the holidays. Two beautifully [more]
Broker Home Tour – Nov 20, 2014
It's that time of the week when we get to venture around the Greater Pasadena area, to preview homes [more]
Broker Home Tour – Oct 23, 2014
Today 64 homes for sale were available for previewing. Despite all the scary Halloween decorations, [more]