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Pasadena Home Staging – The Right Paint Colors Can Help Sell Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your Pasadena home? Has your Pasadena home been listed for a while with a lot of showings but no offers? There may be a few reasons why a potential buyer may not be so excited about your home. Some are more difficult to change, like location, number of bedrooms or lack of a swimming pool. But one of the easiest ones to change is the first impression a buyer gets when they walk through the front door.Continue Reading

Pasadena California FUN Facts

Here are some fun facts about my favorite city – Pasadena California: Did you know that Pasadena was first incorporated in 1886 to get rid of its saloon?¬† Pasadena is the oldest suburb in Los Angeles. Pasadena used to be called the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association, but was names as Pasadena in 1875. Mot…Continue Reading

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