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Become a Gardener with Altadena Community Garden

Do you enjoy gardening and wished you had friends and neighbors to share the experience? Why not check out many of the community gardens in Los Angeles.  What is a community garden, you may ask?  Simply put – It’s an area of land gardened by a group of people.

Altadena Community Garden Sign at Lincoln and Palm

In Altadena, there is a very large community garden just by Loma Alta Park.  Want to learn more about this great place?  Welcome to the Altadena Community Garden.  This community garden is located at corner of Lincoln Avenue and Palm Street.  I was there looking into the fenced area, and it’s big.  The area consists of three and a half acres of land.  There are 64 plots (includes 4 handicapped plots).  Plots are available for over 100 gardeners and associate gardeners.

Plots at the Garden

Associates are those on a wait list, and work together with a gardener who has a plot.  It’s an opportunity to learn from the experienced one before you get your own “piece of the precious land.”

How it all started – There was an informal group of homeowners who enjoyed gardening with the neighbors in West Altadena.  They used the undeveloped land near Loma Alta Park, which is now the tennis courts and equestrian arena.  The goal was to grow nutritional food, work outdoor and share to spread healthy minds, bodies and spirits.

Enjoy the beautiful mountain view and blue skies while you garden

As participants grew, the members developed by-laws and elected officials.  They stayed in the area for five years.  However, the expansion and development of the Loma Alta Park had interrupted the gardeners.  The people had to find a new location to be able to continue the garden project.

Local area Officials and community leaders, including the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation got together and talked about the future of the Mt. Lowe Military Academy site.  After meeting with number of local neighborhood groups, support came to relocate the garden to the current area of Mt. Lowe corner.

Mt. Lowe Academy entrance/gate site

The completed garden site in 1984 brought the redesign of the Loma Alta Park.  The Altadena Community Garden continues to work with the County.   Membership dues and volunteers provide tools and fertilizer.  Members share picnic areas, shaded decks, tool shed and walkway.

Last year, Altadena Community Garden celebrated its 36th Annual Summer BBQ.  The event opened at 1PM, and with a purchased ticket, visitors can get a plate of tasty, delicious food grown at the garden.  This has become a famous event that brings many people to the Altadena.

Fresh vegetable grown by a gardener

There is a waiting list to become a member.  The best way to find out more about joining the group is to visit the official website and leave a message for President, Silvera Grant.

Happy Gardening and Healthy Living.

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