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Hamburger and Egg Month Done Right

Hamburger and Egg Month Done Right

Veggie Burger @ Dog Haus
Courtesy of Michael Liu via Flickr

Some of you many not know this, but May is our National Hamburger month as well as the National Egg Month! Pretty random and different compared to the national holidays we are accustomed to celebrating right? Well with all this commotion about Hamburger and Egg month, what can we do to show our support for these two, as many would say, weird events? It might be time to head out to Dog Haus.

Pasadena and Alhambra are both homes to the Famous Dog Haus locations. This has become a well-known eatery, which serves a variety of gourmet Hot Dogs, Burgers and Sausages. Is it just another typical burger stand? Well, here is the gist. Dog Haus is the home of the award-winning burgers that are topped off with a fried egg!  Yes!  That is right – hamburgers with egg.

If that isn’t weird enough, The Dog Haus has given their burgers and hot dogs very unique names. For example, the names go from Little Mule, Hangover, Das Brat and the Mariachi.  With interesting names likes that, how could you not resist checking this place out? Also, these burgers and hot dogs are served on delicious Hawaiian roll bread.

Dog Haus was also awarded Best Gourmet Burger, Best Traditional Cheeseburger, Best Slider and Best Bar Burger at the Pasadena Cheeseburger Week Challenge. With 4 awards, it is no wonder CNN recently named Dog Haus as one of their Top 5 Places to Eat a Hot Dog in the USA. With delicious food and awesome names, The Dog Haus is a definitely worth checking out.  I can’t wait to do so myself. So.. who is going to be celebrating hamburger and egg month at Dog Haus?

If you go, tell them you read this on 365 Things To Do In Pasadena® and let us know below in the comments what you think!


In Honor Of National Hamburger Month And National Egg Month

Dog Haus Offers $5.00 Freiburgers And Free Egg Topping On Any Item

National Hamburger Day Tuesday May 28, 2013 

Offer Valid Tuesday May 28 at Dog Haus Pasadena, Dog Haus Alhambra And Dog Haus Biergarten In Old Pasadena


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