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Day 11 of 365: Pasadena’s Happy Hour Spot

Pasadena‘s Happy Hour Spot – All Eve Monday!

I am not a drinker or Happy Hour frequenter so I had to tap into my friends for some suggestions.

When I do partake in a bit of alcohol, I enjoy a good Mojito (and, yes… it has to be good!)  My limited experience with Happy Hour places is that they usually serve well drinks and Mojitos are pretty much out of the question.

However, it turns out that Mi Piace in the heart of Old Town Pasadena does serve their classic Mojito during Happy Hour and it lasts all evening on Mondays.

So… I sacrificed myself and decided to go to Mi Piace for lunch to check out their food as well as to get more info on this Happy Hour Monday madness.

Mi Piace has both inside and quite a large outdoor sitting area.  When I first walked into the restaurant, the dessert display captured my attention… can’t resist.

Mi Piace desserts

I ordered Insalata Di Taos which I really liked except for the onion rings which topped the salad.  They were a bit soggy.  The cilantro vinaigrette dressing though was very light and the rest of the salad was excellent.  My partners in crime ordered Pizza Margherita and hamburger and fries.

Loved the presentation of the hamburger – very creative and the burger itself was extra juicy.  Pizza was on a thin crust and done just right.

Mi Piace Food

However, this post is about their Happy Hour, so here’s Alex from Mi Piace to explain some of their offerings:

If you haven’t been to Mi Piace’s, give it a “shot”.  Let me know what you think.  Oh… and if you tried their Mojito, let me know if you liked it.

Mi Piace

25 East Colorado

Pasadena, California


What are your favorite Happy Hour spots? We’d love to share them with our 365 Things To Do in Pasadena readers!

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