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CHRISTMAS (trees) in Pasadena

CHRISTMAS (trees) in Pasadena


In this holiday season of family gathering, food & sweets, busyness, extended store hours for people to buy gifts, office parties, etc, permit me to take a moment to change the subject by injecting some images which have become one representation of the Christmas holyday.

These Christmas images are from Green Street, one of the very best streets in Pasadena to visit and walk.   Green extends from Orange Grove where the  Tournament of Roses Parade begins and heads eastward dead ending at Pasadena City College.  It’s hard to believe it’s just a block south of the famous but busy, traffic & tourist filled Colorado Boulevard.  Even on the day of the parade Green can be quiet & calm while just a block away Colorado is wild, crazy & busy. They’re polar opposites yet only steps apart. 

And the recently recognized historic Green Street Village District is one of the best parts of the street.  Worth a visit especially if you’ve never been, or just visiting us for Christmas or New Years.   Just a small sample of their Christmas decorations:




Thatcher Medical Center






Evergreen fir tree have been used to celebrate winter festivals (Christian and pagan) for thousands of years.  In recent centuries Christmas Trees as we know them are used to represent the Christian belief of eternal life with God thru Jesus Christ.   Nobody seems to know when/where the first “Christmas” Tree originated.  The most popular origins for the tree being used as a symbol of Christmas is from medieval Europe, particularly Germany and Riga, Latvia.  Well, wherever or whenever it originated, the Christmas Tree continues it’s “everlasting” life here in Pasadena 2016!




Michael’s Pharmacy





High Low Vintage





Across the Thatcher Medical Center: Café Verde



The summit of Mount Thatcher, medical center


Come for Christmas or New Years, stay an extra day on the street.  Green Street, that is.



Gotta Get Walking. Stay Thirsty My Friends

Red rose

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