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Historic Landmarks in South Pasadena
I had the opportunity to join the Pasadena Group of Sierra Club for a Saturday morning walk, through [more]
Hastings Ranch – a neighborhood in the city of Pasadena
  You might have come across someone talking about Hastings Ranch and if even if you're a [more]
Pasadena’s largest block party!
It's time to once again celebrate the preservation of Pasadena's historic and beautiful architec [more]
Moonlight at The Castle Green, Friday June 6
Travel back in time and explore the many architectural gems of the historic Castle Green. Open to th [more]
The Gamble House Celebrates its Celtic Roots
The Gamble House celebrates the Celtic roots of the Gamble family with an afternoon of Celtic festiv [more]
Langham Pasadena – Romantic Spot
Langham is one of the most romantic hotels in Pasadena California. Definitely worth exploring espec [more]
Day 200:  Holiday Tour at The Castle Green
View the Castle Green like you've never seen it before. The Castle Green Holiday tour will be taking [more]
Fenyes Estate now Pasadena Museum of History is definitely worth a visit when in Pasadena California [more]
Day 333:  Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory - a truly magic place to visit! [more]
Day 289:  Take a Stroll Down Pasadena’s Colorado Street Bridge
Park and make your way onto Pasadena's most beautiful bridge - Colorado Street Bridge. [more]