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Amara Chocolate & Coffee

Amara Chocolate & Coffee

Amara Chocolate & Coffee

I have been remiss in writing about this very special and unique chocolate experience that you can only find here in Old Pasadena.  I’ve met Amara and her husband Alexander about five years ago when they were looking for their first home in Pasadena and have just moved to the US from Venezuela with a dream of sharing their love for chocolate with the rest of us.  Fortunately for us, Amara and Alexander made that dream a reality!

Amara Chocolate & Coffee is a place where you can find real sipping chocolate and indulge your senses with their one of a kind churros and home made truffles.  And, when I say one of a kind, they truly are.  I’ve tried this absolutely wonderful chocolate hazelnut concoction where every teeny bite feels sinful.  It offers just the right combination of sweetness, truffle goodness and crunch. At $4.79 each, it’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

The Spanish Churros are prepared fresh to order, thin and crispy and come with a variety of dipping chocolates (dark and milk chocolate options) or you can ask for Amara’s unique homemade Guava Sauce or Dulce de Leche.  You can also indulge yourself with a bit of ice cream on top, as well.

churros and chocolate

All sorts of specialty coffees including Venezuelan style can be made with the addition of pure melted chocolate – very decadent!  They proudly serve our Pasadena favorite coffee been – Jones Coffee.

They also serve gluten free sandwiches and offer many healthy options for lunch or a quick snack.  Honestly though, go there for chocolate, and more chocolate!  We all deserve a bit of treat and Amara, thankfully, provides just that!

Amara Chocolate & Coffee
55 South Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone (626) 744-1765
90 min Free Parking in a parking structure in same building

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