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Affordable Landscaping Solutions For Southern Californian Homes

Affordable Landscaping Solutions For Southern Californian Homes

Southern California has its own challenging climate. Although finding affordable landscaping solutions may seem difficult, there are plenty of local resources near Pasadena. As you read on, you’ll realize lots of plants accommodate and even thrive in the Golden State.

Manzanita (Arctostaphylos sp.)
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Add Manzanita Trees

Many different species of Manzanita trees are native to Southern California. These landscaping tools thrive on little water and are beautiful during all the changing seasons. According to LA Times journalist Emily Green, “in contrast to lawn, manzanita needs little more than an occasional pass with the hose.” Bright berries and flowers decorate the twisting branches during the spring and summer.

Depending on the species, you can purchase trees that grow up to twenty feet tall or stay closer to the ground. A great place in Pasadena is Armstrong Garden Centers. Only a thirteen minute drive from San Marino, this nursery makes gardening easy. The employees will eagerly tell you that Manzanitas are actually fire-resistant. The exact location of the garden center is 352 East Glenarm Street in Pasadena. By visiting the store’s website, you can find out about free classes and other great SoCal landscaping resources.

Create A Japanese Garden With San Gabriel Nursery & Florist

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Isn’t it nice to know exactly what plants work together visually and environmentally? Well, it can be as easy as walking into a nursery and picking out a myriad of different landscaping pieces that fall under the Japanese garden category. The San Gabriel Nursery & Florist is less than a ten minute drive from San Marino. This two-acre retail nursery has been serving the area since 1923 and specializes in hard-to-find plants.

If you think Japanese gardens are beautiful, all you have to do is grab an employee and pick out a few shrubs, climbers, and trees. Specific species of trees that are in the Japanese family include Japanese Maples and Weeping Willows. Climbers can range from Boston Ivy to Japanese Wisteria.

The only difficulty with a Japanese garden is balancing the different plant needs. With a Japanese Maple, it should have morning sun and afternoon shade. Boston Ivy is a type of climber that can spread out over fifteen feet and climb up to fifty feet. This type of plant works well in Southern California but it needs space and a more moist soil.

San Gabriel Nursery & Florist delivers if you’d rather order your plants in bulk. For only $15, you can have your entire order delivered to your home. All you’ll have to do is plant the items! If you’d rather pick them up yourself, San Gabriel Nursery is located at 632 South San Gabriel Boulevard in San Gabriel.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Succulents

Courtesy of Pixabay
Courtesy of Pixabay

“With temperamental weather the norm,” Lowes.com explains, “it’s more important than ever to use the right plants for our Southern California growing conditions.” This is when succulents come in handy! Recognized for their water storage, succulents are plants that can stand long durations of heat and arid climates. The Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi is the ideal plant for Southern California landscaping. Large lavender-grey leaves characterize this member of the succulent family originating from Madagascar. To care for this plant, you should give it well-drained soil and ample light. Learn2Grow suggests watering it only when the soil is dry.

Succulents can be purchased at the closest Lowe’s Home Improvement Store which is in Pico Rivera. This store carries a number of different styles of succulents and has employees who are very knowledgeable about landscaping in the state. Lowe’s can be found at 800 Washington Boulevard in Pico Rivera, which is fourteen miles from San Marino.

Written by Jane Blanchard
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