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Add another 400 Sq.Ft. to your home

Add another 400 Sq.Ft. to your home

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If you’re a homeowner you can probably relate to having a garage that has become more of a storage space for, many times, forgotten items or things that we could actually get rid off. Once we look at what a garage actually is, we realize that it’s an extra space or room that already has its foundation. In fact, it could be an added 400 Sq.Ft. or more, of space to your home! Depending on what space you wish to create, there are of course construction considerations that have to be made but with a little imagination, everything is possible!

Most garages today are structurally ready to be converted into a room since the floor, roof and the walls are already in place. If you’re thinking of making it into a livable room you might need to put extra insulation in the walls. The floor in garages are usually poured concrete slab, which could be perfect if you are creating a workshop and you want a floor that is durable. However, if the garage is going to be a livable space you might want to consider a hard-wood floor and in that case it’s important to make sure that the floor is level. If you are not familiar with construction work it’s always good to do your due diligence and even contact a contractor before beginning the work. You also want to make sure that the restructuring follow your city building codes.

Warning!  Before you make any changes to the garage, please check with your local planning and development department to make sure that you will not have any problems on resale.  For example, when we sell homes in Pasadena, the owner has to provide the buyer with City Occupancy clearance.  In essence, a city inspector comes out and look for certain safety items, permits for any changes done to the house and whether or not you have a usable garage.

When planning a conversion of your garage make sure that you utilize the space in the best possible way. By setting up shelves and wall cabinets you create more storage space and avoid taking up floor space. We have seen some very creative garage conversions that include everything from a movie theater, a bike/skate room with a mini skate ramp, a studio with a loft bed, a wine “cellar” and the list goes on! Some other popular uses for the garage is for artistic creation such as a photo studio, a green room and a painting studio.

Have fun with your garage conversion! The garage door space can become a huge window or kept as is, in order to have a large opening to the outdoors. Paint the walls in funky colors and make it into a play room for the kids! So, if you are a home owner and have a garage that is not utilized and you need more space see it as a bonus room that can help you add another 400 Sq.Ft. to your home!

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