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ThisGen 2019

ThisGen 2019

When you think of “The Pasadena Tournament of Roses” (PTOR) , what do you think of?

The Rose Parade & Rose Bowl!, of course!  On January 1st (or 2nd!)

But what about the rest of the year??   In their “off-season” the PTOR is about funding/donations to “do good” orgnaizations, numerous committee planning meetings every month, member recruitment, tours, Queen & Royal Court selection, and more!   Well, now here’s another – new – chapter to the rest of their story.

A hard-working friend on the PTOR staff recently informed me of this new chapter which inaugurates this Saturday, May 11th at the Pasadena Convention Center.  And if you have young people in your life you’ll want to pay attention:  #ThisGen 2019 hosted by the PTOR, and presented with East West Bank, is their newest initative:


ThisGen 2019 is a half-day event designed to engage high school and college-age youth in the Southern California community and empower them for the future.  Join NextGen2019 in this interactive forum as they showcase a diverse group of speakers, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, and following their passions and dreams.  Attendees should leave feeling more inspired & focused to be courageous, confident and intentional with the choices that impact their lives!  This inaugural event youth empowerment forum is hosted by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, the world-famous volunteer-driven non-profit organization.

Attendees will hear & meet feature leaders from the business, entertainment and sports worlds such as Google, USC, the Olympics, The Food Network, Los Angeles RAMS, and others!

Panels include, for example, “Building Your Future” and “Breaking Barriers!”   The entire NextGen 2019 presentations will be hosted & moderated by Sports & Entertainment reporter Jessica Rosales!

This has only been a taste.  Here’s a link with more information to whet your appetite more or invite another young person to attend:

PTOR #NextGen2019 Information

To summarize, the benefits of a young person attending #NextGen 2019 are:
Meet & Learn from Special Panels of Speakers

Network with Other Attendees

Free Meals & Gift Bag!

Learn About Tournament of Roses

Feel More Empowered for Your Future!

The low admission price includes all the above.  If this writer was still a high schooler or college student, this is definitely something I would be attending!  You can still sign-up to attend on the day of the event.  With a low cost it’s a real bargain.

Ticket Info ThisGen2019


#ThisGen2019 / Empower This Generation!

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