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The Pasadena Bar Village

The Pasadena Bar Village

The Playhouse District of the Crown City of Pasadena may have been known for decades as the entertainment/theatrical heart of the city but that may be changing in this new decade & new century here in this new year of 2020.

With the official opening today (Monday February 10th – FINALLY!) of The 1894 wine bar – in Vroman’s bookshop – we can count at least 7 bars within a block radius of each other!

(Actually, The 1894 is experienceing a “soft” opening. An official, “GRAND” opening is expected in a month or two. But, until then, you can certainly visit the newest bar and give their bartenders some practice.)

  1. Anaya’s Mexican Restaurant
  2. El Portal Mexican Restaurant
  3. Monopole Wine
  4. Roy’s Restaurant
  5. Total Wine & More  (for tastings, classes & private events only)
  6. Fit Bar (for the health conscious!)
  7. The 1894 (opening 2/20/2020. The name I would’ve chosen for this bar is  “Books & Booze”!)

One can say the business of the Playhouse district, at least in the heart of the district, has turned into creating food and making drinks!

Here are just a few quick snapshots of each bar.  Visit each one yourself to discover which best fits your standards for drinks, comfort, bartender, people, schedule, pricing, non-drink offerings, and most importantly:  which bar prepares your favorite drink the best!

Anaya’s (Georgina bartender)


El Portal (bartender Manny)


Monopole Wine (bartender Joe)


Roy’s (bartender Kathleen)


Total Wine & More




The Fit Bar (the non-alcoholic bar! with Jacob the owner & our drinking friend!)

The 1894 (The newest bar on the block.  Bentley Hale, bar manager)




So, those are a few snapshots of the bars in the Pasadena Bar Village just steps of each other in the heart of Pasadena.  Please visit each, take a look and a drink, and let us know which tastes like your favorite!

Come to play or for the plays, stay to eat & drink in The Pasadena Bar Village aka Playhouse District.

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