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Kind, Friendly & Unbelievably Responsive!

Kind, Friendly & Unbelievably Responsive!

“No matter where you might be on the home-buying/home-selling spectrum, you will have no better guide, ally or expert to help you than Irina Netchaev.   We were fortunate enough to work with Irina both in BUYING our first house, in Pasadena, and then subsequently in SELLING our condo on the west side.  Two very different markets.  Irina is a genius — in buying she knew what we should offer, when we should offer, along with some extra hints and tips in order to stand out from among the (many) other buyers hoping to obtain our dream home.  We are now living in our dream home, which indicates how well that turned out.  Turning the page, Irina then counselled us on how best to sell our condo — what improvements to make, what price to post, whether to stage or not to stage, etc. We sold our condo well above the original selling price.

I cannot recommend Irina highly enough!!  Not only is Irina an expert, she is also kind, friendly and unbelievably responsive throughout the entire process, as is her team.  I cannot imagine a better agent to guide someone through the difficult endeavor of buying — or selling —  a home.” – Denise P. via Yelp

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