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Ramen At It’s Best!

Ramen At It’s Best!

It’s December and in the midst of the “cold”  (as cold it can be in Southern CA 😉 ) we decided to take a trip to Highland Park, a great neighborhood just five miles southeast of Pasadena, for some Christmas shopping. It’s the perfect place to find art and craft from local artists and vintage shops. Highland Park is also the home to many food trucks and restaurants. To refuel with energy we found a perfect place to eat…Ramen of York by Silverlake Ramen.

Ramen of York

We signed up outside of the restaurant and waited for about 10 min until called upon. Funny enough, I had signed up as “Leslie” and the lady called out “Desiree”! Huh?! Well, after clearing up the misunderstanding we were seated perfectly with a view of the chefs assembling the fresh ramen bowls. The entire restaurant has a bar style seating, which makes it very cozy.

With a very simple yet mouthwatering menu of four starters, five types of rice bowls and ramen each, several toppings and drinks, ordering wasn’t too complicated and went fast.

We started with a clam look-alike mini pork bun. The pork belly, pickled onion and green onion wrapped in a steamed bun completely melted in my mouth at first bite. Having tried many steamed pork buns from various food trucks and restaurants, this one takes the prize! Very soft and moist bread, tasty pork meat, balanced in flavors and an absolute delight! Best spent $2.75 of my life.

Silverlake Ramen Mini Pork Bun

We then decided on two ramen bowls, Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) with chicken and Vegetable ($10.45 each). Again the flavors were well balanced, not too salty or to heavy on spices. All the ingredients felt and tasted very fresh. The vegetable bowl had a kick to it but really smooth in flavors.

Shoyu Chicken Ramen Bowl
Shoyu Chicken Ramen Bowl
Vegetable Ramen Bowl
Vegetable Ramen Bowl

For drinks we ordered hot green tea, nothing exciting, and a cucumber mint yuzunade which had a nice fresh and sweet citrus taste to it. Overall a great ramen experience with price worthy and delicious dishes. We highly recommend visiting Ramen of York when in Highland Park!

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