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Pasadena’s Giant “Fork in the Road”

Pasadena has a Fork In the Road?

UPDATE:  Latest Food Drive Information for November 12th and 13th here

The Pasdena Put the Fork in Hunger food drive

As commuters, we occasionally come across forks in the road while we are trying to reach our destination.  Some of these can sometimes go unnoticed.

If you have been driving in Pasadena California lately,  here is one fork in the road you definitely would NOT have missed!

This Fork is standing about 18 ft. high and is placed on an island where the road divides into St. John and Pasadena Avenue, just south of Huntington Memorial Hospital.

What started off as a  prank to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Ice House Comedy Club founder Bob Stane, has now become the symbol of what hopes to be the largest food drive in the city of Pasadena.

Let’s Put the FORK in Hunger!

Pasadena’s largest food drive benefiting Union Station Homeless Services is Sponsored by Ken Marshall and Bob Stane & Presented By:  The Coffee Gallery Backstage & good friend of our team here at Keller Williams “Agent Phil”.

The food drive will be taking place at the Fork in the Road November 21st & 22nd from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

You may drive by and drop off food items. You won’t even need to park, volunteers will be standing by with outreach bags.

For additional information please contact Phil Coombes @ 626-644-3227.

Lets make this food drive a success for the city in which we live, work, and enjoy.
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