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What Can I Expect From A Home Staging Consultation?

If you are thinking of selling a Pasadena home, one of the first things you should consider doing is to hire a professional home stager for a Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation.

Homeowners are often confused about what repairs and upgrades they should make before putting their home on the market or how to prepare their home for sale. There are many opportunities to spend too much money on upgrades, when cleaning, decluttering, painting and staging may be enough. An experienced home stager can help determine whether you really need to refinish the floors, replace the carpet or install granite counters in the kitchen.

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Livingroom before a home staging consultation
Living room before a home staging consultation
Livingroom before a home staging consultation. The homeowner did all the work themselves. This Silverlake home sold one week after being put on the market for almost 10% over asking price! (November 2009)
Living room after a home staging consultation. The homeowner did all the work themselves. This Silverlake home sold one week after being put on the market for almost 10% over asking price! (November 2009)

When I am hired to do a comprehensive home staging consultation, I usually spend 1 to 2 hours in your home with you. I examine your home from top to bottom, indoors and outdoors. I look at your home like a buyer would look at it, ‘through buyer’s eyes’. When you live in a home year after year, sometimes you miss seeing small blemishes that become magnified when a home buyer sees them. You and I will walk from room to room, discussing furniture placement, what can stay, and what should be removed from the home and put into storage, donated or discarded. We’ll also discuss obvious and less obvious condition issues such as paint condition and color, dripping faucets, missing light bulbs and bathroom grout. These are all things that may affect whether a buyer falls in love with your house or wants to look at the next one on the list. I always take the homeowners’ needs into account, especially if you will continue to live in the home while it is on the market.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember everything we discuss! After I leave, I transcribe my notes into a very thorough check list that acts as a kind of ‘road map’ of all my recommendations. I’ll assess your home and tell you everything you need to do to get your home in prime selling condition. I coordinate with your listing agent to make sure their recommendations are included.

Some of the items a consultation covers are:

*Paint color choices
*Carpet choices (if needed)
*Furniture layout and arrangement to make your rooms feel larger, yet cozy & welcoming
*Which features of your house to accentuate
*Curb appeal
*Organizing and decluttering
*Pre-moving check list (our staged homes sell quickly and we want you to be ready)
*Closet organization
*Garage staging
*Open house prep
*Suggested items to purchase like “show” towels (we even tell you where you can buy them inexpensively!)
*Curb appeal recommendations
*Maintenance and repair issues
*Feng Shui cures for some common Feng Shui problems

You can do all the work yourself, do some of the work and hire us to do the rest, or hire Moving Mountains Design to stage your home to perfection. We also have a rolodex full of service providers, like painters, carpet installers, handymen, gardeners, plumbers and electricians. Oh yes, we also work with a fantastic moving and storage company.

I’ll try to work with as much of your furniture as I can, but I can also bring in rental furniture, artwork and accessories as needed.

Home staging consultations are not expensive. They start at $250 for a verbal consultations (you take the notes, no written report provided) and $350 for a home staging consultation with the written checklist (usually 8-15 pages long).   I include a closet organizing report, cabinet staging report, garage staging report,  and pre-moving report. That’s 4 free reports included with your consultation!

If you are listing your home with Irina Netchaev, a local Pasadena real estate agent, she pays for the cost of the staging consultation!

If you are thinking of selling a Pasadena home, call me, Michelle Minch, at(626)441-8975 for more information or to arrange an appointment. You can also reach me by email by clicking here. To learn more about  home staging and how staging your home can help sell it, visit our Pasadena home staging website, Moving Mountains Design.
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