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Pasadena California FUN Facts


Here are some fun facts about my favorite city – Pasadena California:

  • Did you know that Pasadena was first incorporated in 1886 to get rid of its saloon?  Pasadena is the oldest suburb in Los Angeles.
  • Pasadena used to be called the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association, but was names as Pasadena in 1875.
  • Mot of the original settlers came from Indiana.  Many wealthy midwesterners came looking for a winter haven.  Many of the grand Hotels like Castle Greenand the del Arroyo Hotel opened to accommodate the rich and famous.
  • The del Arroyo Hotel is now the Federal Court of Appeals.
  • The fist Pasadena school was started in 1874.
  • Street numbers in Pasadena start and Colorado and Fair Oaks because the first General Store and the Post Office were there.
  • The Tournament of Roses has a special pact with God since 1890’s.  At least , that’s what the legend has it.  “We won’t have a parade on Sunday, God won’t rain on our parade.”  – so far God has lived up to His promise!  The parade has never been cancelled due to rain although a year or so ago, we came pretty close!
  • Cal Tech surpassed MIT with the second highest number of patents from a University in 2003.
  • Pasadena provided relielf after World War II to Ludwigshafen, Germany.  Ludwigshafen became Pasadena’s first Sister City.  There are four other Sister Cities.  They are Mishima, Japan (1957); Jarvaenpaa, Finland (1983); Vanadzor, Armenia (1991); and Beijing, China (1999)
  • California Bridge is nicknamed the Suicide Bridge because more than 200 people have jumped from it.
  • The Pasadena Ice House is the oldest comedy club in the country.
  • The Junior League started KidsSpace and the Senior Center.

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Do you know any other fun Pasadena facts that you’d like to share?  Let me know and I’ll update the list.

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