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Meat Lovers Paradise at The Meat District Co Pasadena

Meat Lovers Paradise at The Meat District Co Pasadena

Recently, I was invited to a newly opened Old Pasadena restaurant, The Meat District Company.  Intrigued by the almost industrial name and a lover of all things carnivore, I couldn’t pass the opportunity by.  The restaurant is conveniently located at 69 N. Raymond, just a bit South of the public parking structure and across from my new condo listing for sale.

Meat District Co.

The Meat District Company is modern with an open kitchen, a see through meat locker with all sorts of delicacies and a very passionate chef and manager.

We started out with a few pretty unique appetizers including grilled melon, jalapeno peppers, tuna tataki, five spice chicken wings, and a cured meat platter.  My favorites were the tuna tataki and jalapeno peppers, not overly spicy and were perfect for my palate.  Of course, the cured meats were delish and served beautifully on a cutting board.

Their signature – The Meat Hook – was spectacular.  It’s like an upside down shish kabob suspended over a platter of salad or fries with juices dripping down for enhanced flavor.

20140720-Meat Street Co-135
The Hook from the Meat District Co.

The chef served a refreshing sorbet to cleanse the palate and end a thoroughly delicious meal.

Meat District Co has partnered with some of America’s most sustainable producers and delivers unique quality and sumptuous dishes made of 100% natural ‘Never Ever’ (hormone, steroid and antibiotic free) beef burgers and prime steer steaks.

Dry aged in-house for a minimum of 21 days, the Meat District Co. offers a sizzling selection of steaks with options beginning at $18.00. In addition to a variety of burgers, steaks and its signature dish The Hook, the something-for-everyone menu also includes vegetarian options, a special selection of culinary creative starters, sides and desserts as well as fresh salad selections. All which can be enjoyed with a beverage from the MDC’s Craft Beer and wine selections.

I predict that The Meat District Co will quickly become a “go to” trendy destination for the Pasadena meat lovers.  Have you been to The Meat District Co yet?  What do you think?

The Meat District Co.
69 North Raymond, Pasadena CA
(626) 765-9902

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