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Last Chance: The HUNTINGTON

Last Chance: The HUNTINGTON

It’s been a few years since I last wrote something here at Irina’s wonderful Pasadena Views. And the view here looks better than ever!

What have I been up to since?  That’s a subject for a future post. For now, I’ll just say I hope to be able to write an article for Pasadena Views every month or two. More important now is what I’m recommending readers of this article check into at the Huntington Library today – before it closes after this weekend! 


One of the main attractions in the Pasadena area for visitor or resident alike is The Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens in San Marino.  The Huntington is simply “one of the world’s great cultural, research, and educational centers!”

And the main attraction in the Huntington since last November is the photography exhibition, BRUCE DAVIDSON & PAUL CAPONIGRO: Two American Photographers in Britain & Ireland. Curated by Jennifer Watts, Curator of Photographs at the Huntington Library, and Scott Wilcox, curator at the Yale Center for British Art. But the photo exhibit ends this weekend!

I viewed the exhibition in January.  Just a few of the reasons for this, and perhaps for you to view it also were: 

  • It was the day of the grand opening of the 1st phase (gift & book shop, coffee shop) of the new Huntington Visitor Center
  • An interest in black N white photos & photography in general
  • I happen to know curator Jennifer.  And although I tend to be lazy, I will try to show my support for things people I know are involved with
  • It’s a great look back at history, in BnW, in Britain & Ireland during the revolutionary decade of the 60s
  • And, as actor Matthew McConaughey would undoubtedly join with me to say, “I just liked it!”


The opening of the 1st phase of the Huntington Visitor Center attracted many of the media




I’m not here to reinvent the wheel so links below will provide more profound reasons than I can give to check out this exhibition before it closes.  But I did ask curator Jennifer to give me just one good reason why most people should be interested in this exhibition. Her response:

Because it’s a chance to see the photographs of two masters of the medium during one of the most fertile periods in their creative exploration!”


A humorous story related to my visit to the Davidson/Caponigro exhibit in January. As I ate something from the new Huntington coffee shop, I was surfing the internet to learn more about the exhibit.  Lo & behold, who do I see in the reflection of my monitor? Curator Jennifer! I turned around & indeed there she was. Just my luck she was taking a break. We chatted, then I told her: “Sorry, I’d love to talk with you longer, JW, but the Huntington closes in about 90 minutes and I have to finish up reading about your exhibit!”


On the road back to the 1960s:  Davidson/Caponigro, Two American Photographers in Britain & Ireland is housed in the Boone Gallery




There are 128 photos, but you can view all within an hour or less.  Just a couple of nice, interesting things I found out is that both photographers are still alive, and, until recently, had not met each other!  You should find at least a thing or two of interest from this exhibition you like as well.


As I left, the new view from the new book/gift store at The Huntington. Perhaps you’ve been inside already? If not, I may cover this in a future article but it’s best if you see it yourself & bring back your impressions to us here.




Links for further info:

Video film preview by Kate Lain & produced by Jennifer Watts:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBdIjnzxk88

The Huntington:  http://www.Huntington.org

Davidson/Caponigro background: http://www.huntington.org/davidsoncaponigro/


Ok, one last order: Go check it out TODAY if you haven’t already done so!


Gotta Go. Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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