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Historic English Cottages In NW Altadena

Driving through Altadena, you can’t stop but to notice rows of charming, character cottages on streets such as Terrace Street, Olive Avenue, Grandeur Avenue, La Corona Avenue and Poppyfield Street. The homes have a very unique architectural style.

Janes Cottage

So you might be wondering – cottages in Altadena?   Yes… cottages.  These homes are special as they represent the early beginning of  residential development in Altadena.  The homes were designed by Mr. Elish P. Janes (known as EP Janes) between the years of 1924 and 1926.  EP Janes built many small homes of English and Spanish styles.

EP Janes moved to Altadena from New York in 1924, and claimed he would build 1000 houses.  He came a bit short, and built about 270 homes.  Altadena Heritage has recorded that about 160 homes in Altadena are built by Janes.  Though there may be more, it is difficult to document due to missing permits and historical information.

The properties of the building program ranged in price from $8,000 to $11,000 and came with landscaping.  The homes were six-room houses and provided four different floor plans.

Altadena Heritage Area - Janes Village

Now called the Janes Village, it is home to many of the classic English cottages.  The area was designated as “Altadena Heritage Area”   in 2002.  EP Janes referred to himself as a “builder of fine homes.”  And he was right.  Today, many of his homes are still standing and fans of the cottages have grown over the years.

Interested in exploring Janes Village?  Here’s where you can find some of these cottages:

  • 3028-3070 La Corona Avenue
  • 3151-3242 Grandeur Avenue
  • 3024-3146 Marengo Avenue (east side only)
  • 185-321 Terrace Sgtreet
  • 186-326 West Altadena Drive (south side only)
  • 135-319 West Mariposa Street (north side only)
  • 2877-3262 Olive Avenue
  • 277-456 West Poppyfield

Janes Village is a beautiful and pleasant neighborhood.  Walking the streets, you also enjoy the blue skies and striking mountain views which provide a backdrop for these cottages.  Who knew there were so many English cottages clustered near the Foothills?  Take a scenic tour out to the village, and why not choose your favorite Janes cottage.  Drop us a line and let us know which home you like the best!

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