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Flowers & Gardens in California Art

Flowers & Gardens in California Art

To Plant  A Garden  is to believe in tomorrow.  <  Audrey Hepburn

Tonight (4/7/16), in the endless 365 Things To Do in Pasadena, I bring you an event that recognizes the heritage of Pasadena with their flowers, gardens, and the art/artists which documented it: “Flowers and Gardens in California Art, 1890-1940”!   Guest speaker Jean Stern, Executive Director, The Irvine Museum, will discuss the major Pasadena artists of the period.   This presentation is part of the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Pasadena Garden Club.   A Question & Answer will follow.


When Pasadena was founded in 1876 visitors from the east & midwest were met with Pasadena views of mediterranean type climate and wide open, undeveloped land and possibilities.  Many of these early Pasadenan’s also had the means to build spacious homes.  With gardens. The gardens could be larger than the house!

Some examples

Carmelita, home of horticulturist Jeanne Carr and her husband Ezra, at the NE corner of Colorado Blvd & Orange Grove Ave was also transformed by the 1880s into perhaps the first significant garden in the city.  Garden is an understatement.  The property covered some 40 acres.

The first Busch Gardens was started here in the first decade of the 20th century by the founder of the Anheuser-Busch beer empire. It was in effect their “backyard!” From photos, it must’ve been something magical to experience!

Today we still have the Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden (across from another garden – Arlington Gardens!), and just 2 blocks from the city the magnificent Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens in San Marino.  It wasn’t long before Pasadena was known as a “city of Gardens!”


This is just a taste.  There’s so much more I can’t cover here…

Which is one reason artists soon followed the first settlers and can be thanked for documenting some of it, and why you should not miss the special historical talk tonight on the “Flowers and Gardens in California Art, 1890-1940”!  Especially at the price: FREE!


Here’s the basic info you need to attend

Pasadena Central Library – Wright Auditorium, 7-9pm, Thursday 4/7/16

285 E. Walnut St, Pasadena 91101  (626)744-7076



The Librarian in charge of events saw me the other day, then she reminded me of tonite.  “Yes, I hope to be there”, I told her.  But I don’t know, as much as I try to support the good works of people I’m fortunate to “know”.  This year I really should be using my time to work to earn some money!   I pray you don’t have this problem, so y’all GO, enjoy this event, then come back here to report what you discovered – especially if you recently moved to our area.


Gotta Work! Stay Thirsty My Friends

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