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Day 137: Run With Us – Running Specialty Store

If you are looking for that great pair of sport shoes, you have to check out Pasadena‘s very own running specialty shop – Run With Us.  I was just there yesterday, and as before, walked out with a great pair of shoes perfectly fitted for me and my exercise needs.

run with us specialty shoe store pasadena

I love the fact that when you walk in, no matter how busy the store seems to be (and… it’s always busy!), you get personalized attention from one of their trained and experienced staff members.  Your personalized fitting begins with measuring your foot to ensure that the shoe size is correct.  Got a bit of a surprise myself when my right foot, for whatever reason, ended up being a 1/2 a size larger than last.  Hmmm…. and at my age?  I thought I stopped growing! 🙂

Then I was asked to take a few steps so that my gait could be analyzed and the appropriate arch support shoe was brought out.

At least 7 pairs of shoes were brought out, laced and presented for me to try on.  You are encouraged to walk around the store and even outside to ensure that the shoe fits comfortably.  However, just in case, when you bring it home, it doesn’t work out, you can still return it to the store within 10 days.

Given that buying sport shoes is always a difficult experience for me.  It takes me forever to find just the right pair that is comfortable and cool enough to meet my expectations.  🙂  And… with a very patient and attentive Run With Us staff member, I am happy to have walked out with a great pair of exercise shoes and no hassles.

The only down-side to this store is the parking situation. They have only a couple of spaces available behind the store in their parking lot and it’s difficult to park on the street. But, when there’s a will, there’s a way!

So for all you Pasadena athletes who need to ensure that they get that perfect fit, give Run With Us a try and let me know what you think.

By the way, they offer students a 10% discount!  Oh… and it’s just down the street from our Day 6 of 365 Things To Do In PasadenaAvanti Cafe.  So… grab a slice of their delicious gourment piezz.

Run With Us Specialty Shoe Store
235 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 568-3331

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