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Day 136: Dish Restaurant

This morning, I ventured out of Pasadena, to La Canada’s Dish Restaurant for breakfast.  Dish bills itself as Best Breakfast in Los Angeles and since it was only a 10 minute drive from my fave Pasadena, I was ready to check it out.

Dish Restaurant breakfast la canada

Dish is one of many restaurants gracing Foothill Boulevard in La Canada.  From the outside, it looks like a true Americana Coffee Shop with a cute logo.  However, the interior was quite a surprise.  An open entry with a country-style bench and side tables with simple, fresh flower arrangements greet you.  The space is huge.  A smaller room to the right of entry with a full bar and TV and tables and a spacious room to the left with barn style open white rafter ceilings, tons of light, plenty of booths and tables to choose from without being on top of one another.  Overall, Dish Restaurant exudes a very classy, home-style feel.

Each table/booth had a toaster which I thought was a nice touch.  I could see thick slices of white bread being served with omelets.  What a great idea to be able to toast your own bread and have a hot slice ready when you are!

The waitress was friendly and fast.  The menu was quite extensive.  A friend recommended that I try Johnnycakes which are made with cornmeal and whole corn kernels and are served with butter with a side of applewood smoked bacon.  We also ordered their combo banana pancakes with eggs and bacon.

The Johnnycakes had an interesting consistency.  If you like a heavier pancake that’s has a bit of a gritty consistency with a hint of sweetness, then it’s definitely the way to go.  The bacon was served perfectly – crispy, but not ovredone.  Banana pancakes were light and were served with fresh bananas in the batter with a dollop of banana cream on top.

Overall, a wonderful restaurant with great service and ambiance.  Definitely worth a visit and inclusion in our 365 Things To Do AROUND Pasadena! 🙂

Dish Restaurant
734 Foothill Boulevard,
La Canada, CA 91011

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