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Data Science Expo @ The Pasadena Convention Center

Photo Courtesy of The Data Science Expo 2019

Data Science Expo

This is an event being held on May 18th, 2019 from 8:00AM – 7:00PM focused on advancing your data science proficiency, training, and network. Join your tribe at the official Data Science Expo website.

Participate in live sessions with industry leaders from big brands like GoogleMicrosoftFacebookIBMRedditLinkedIn, and Slack.  There you will learn real world strategies and tactics for growing your business.  Expect to gain insight into emerging strategies, innovative technologies, and the best practices to make your business successful.  You will have the opportunity to network with leaders of industry, build a network/ collaborate with your peers, and explore new ideas.  Guests will attend workshops, boot camps, panel discussions, and keynotes covering all new data science technologies. Get introduced to 1,000+ hirable developers, engineers, and data scientists.


All-Day Pass | $399.00

Platinum VIP | $1,995.00

Platinum VIP includes first row seating, executive badge and dinner experience with speakers.

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Venue & Parking

Data Science Expo will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center. Parking is $15 per day for up to 16 hours or $21 per day for in and out privileges (Cost subject to change.) The convention center’s subterran

ean parking structure is shared with the Sheraton Pasadena; the entrance is located on Euclid Ave. between Green Street and Cordova St. Additionally, parking is available in several private structures around the convention center, most of these parking facilities are operated by Paseo Colorado and not the convention center. More info→

Metro Gold Line

The Metro Gold Line is a light rail train system that runs from Downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena. There are two train stations within walking distance, (1) Del Mar Station is three blocks away, it is about ten minutes to walk to to the Pasadena Convention Center and there is a small hill. Memorial Park Station is four blocks away, it takes about eight minutes to walk to the convention center and there are no hills on this route. Cost is $1.75 per person each way.

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