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Affordable Healthcare Alternative Comes to Eagle Rock

accupuncture in Eagle RockOne of my New Year Resolutions for this year is to spend more time taking care of myself. I’m a bit of a workaholic and when I’m not working, I take care of my family. Self… well… sometimes gets forgotten.

So… at the begining of the year, I, as well as millions of other Americans, decided to join a health club – South Pasadena/San Marino YMCA for me.

YMCA has a slew of different classes including Pilates. A week or so ago, I attended my Pilates class and was fortunate enough to meet Valerie. Valerie teaches Pilates every Wednesday at 12:30 pm at the Y. If you are lucky to attend the class, it’s almost like getting a one on one, private session – only a few people are able to make it at that time of day.

Valerie also opened a very exciting business – a Community Acupuncture clinic – in Eagle Rock. It is a very innovative concept and I wanted to share her press release with my readers.

Eagle Rock Community Accupuncture clinic (ERCA):

Imagine the cost of treatment for many common ailments actually decreasing over time, rather than rising. The newly-opened Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture clinic features a streamlined and cost-effective practice that heals through more than just its needles.
The cost of treatment at ERCA is $20-$40 sliding scale. The customer decides what they want to pay withing this range, and no income verification is necessary. As said by the founder of ERCA, Valerie Brown, “We realize that people shouldn’t have to choose between grocery money and acupuncture, and that’s one of the many reasons we are making it so affordable. [Financial] Things come up, and we put our health on the back-burner until it becomes serious.” The solution, she believes, is making acupuncture affordable to the masses so that they will take charge of their own health.

The result is a treatment plan that can alleviate or help the body resolve common ailments for equal or less than the amount of insurance co-pay. To celebrate, ERCA will host a Grand Opening clinic in March, open to the public.

ERCA aims to create a sense of community in its welcoming space, with several recliners available for those receiving treatment. The layout not only allows the clinic to keep costs down, but it also restores the community therapy roots of acupuncture as it is practiced in Asia. The setting is meant to be relaxing and create a combined healing experience for guests as they receive treatment.
Acupuncture can help with a variety of ailments, including pain, arthritis, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, dizziness, inflammation and insomnia. While needles frighten many people, just one treatment at ERCA can demonstrate acupuncture’s effectiveness and benefits.

ERCA owner Valerie Brown, L.Ac, is also available as a source to your news organization as an expert on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and alternative treatments.

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