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A Taste of the Hi-Life, in South Pasadena

Sign of The Hi-Life
Sign of The Hi-Life

The Sign, The Sign!

Yes, one of their best things is this Sign.

Last month my wunderful internet surfer pal of countless months if not decades, So Pasa’s Laurie, tempted me with fast food by posting a reminder of So Pasa’s Hi-Life Hamburger joint on her blog. I’m gonna share a couple of more photos here.

Such was her temptation that I actually crossed the border into¬†South Pasadena to get dinner at Hi-Life the same nigte of her post! As much as I was trying to talk myself out of it (“Why are you in So Pasa just for a taco??!”), Laurie’s spell was so strong I was lead to their counter and placed my order. I’ve been a regular visitor of this place… about once every 2-3 years. In the past my favorite has been the beef or carne asada tacos.

I still remember a co-worker back in the last century, who still lives in South Pas, phoning me to ask if I wanted anything from Hi-Life to bring for lunch at work. I got the carne asada tacos. Very good!!

That was my 1st experience with The Hi-Life…Hamburgers, that is.

Took Out the Take Out Menu

Now, would I get high from my latest visitation to this joint tonight…

So, what to order??

Soft Taco Carne Asada
Soft Taco Carne Asada

As much as I wanted to avoid it, I ordered a past fav, the Soft Taco Asada. BEFORE: Oh, woman, it looked as good as ever! It was big…and the price, small. AFTER: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”, is a slogan for some old food item. This taco, “Falls apart in your hands, not in your mouth,” unfortunately. The main problem lay with the corn tortillas. Either they were old, poor quality, insufficient for the amount of meat/tomato inside, or undercooked, despite being double-layered. The salsa given was ordinary house stuff. My Bottom Line: Average despite the disintegrating corn tortillas. Ok for not being a Mexican restaurant.

Since I was hungry & therefore in an easier to please mood, I also got the 1/4 pounder Hamburger. The meat was a bit dry, overcooked on parts of its edge, and had a slight odor which is common with the burgers of some hamburger joints. Dressing was good. This Tastebud’s Opinion: In n Out & Rick’s are clearly better for the burger & the value.

Washed it down with a Root Beer = Very Good & Fresh.

What’s that? Pricing? Just say the range for anything on the menu is $2 thru $8. You could certainly pay more for less at other joints.

The premises were clean & organized with good lighting. Service was your average. Large, clear, clean windows encapsulate the restaurant which gives a nice refreshing feel & view. You would feel good about eating in here rather than taking out. Oh, and did I mention the highlight for me of the Hi-Life? It’s The Sign!

We also visited Pie N Burger, near Cal Tech, on Sunday. Packed with people. In contrast, what we had wasn’t packed with taste. Nothing especial.

I know these are just very casual food joints. Certainly not fine diners. Perhaps it’s too early in the year for them to be up to speed, or they’re having an off day, or we just ordered items they don’t do particularly well. This is just my personal opinion. I’m sure there are some others who could eat exactly the same things I had & then conjure up a glowing 5-Star review! Maybe I just expect more from well known iconic places which have been around quite a while.

Gotta run, gotta sleep, then it’s on to my next meal…

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