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Pasadena’s Historical Castle Green
I'm still excited!  Yesterday I had the special pleasure of visiting Pasadena's Nationally Registe [more]
Moonlight at The Castle Green, Friday June 6
Travel back in time and explore the many architectural gems of the historic Castle Green. Open to th [more]
Day 200:  Holiday Tour at The Castle Green
View the Castle Green like you've never seen it before. The Castle Green Holiday tour will be taking [more]
Day 192: Historic Homes around Old Pasadena
Old Pasadena's historic homes and buildings [more]
Castle Green is known for its beauty, romance and rich history. Listed on the National Register of [more]
Castle Green in Pasadena – Holiday Home Tour
Be sure to experience the Castle Green like you've never seen it before for their annual Holiday Tou [more]
Pasadena California FUN Facts
Here are some fun facts about my favorite city - Pasadena California: Did you know that [more]
Visit Castle Green in Pasadena and discover its mystery and charm! [more]