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Day 192: Historic Homes around Old Pasadena

Day 192 of 365 Things to Do In Pasadena takes us to Old Pasadena (or Old Town, as many still refer to) which houses the original business district of Pasadena.  It all began at the intersection of Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.  It’s hard to write about Pasadena without mentioning Old Pasadena in one way or another.  Whether visiting pedestrian-friendly streets, a multitude of new and exciting restaurants featuring exotic or traditional flavors, designer boutiques, coffee shops, there’s always something to do.

However, why not take a couple of hours and visit some of the more famous historic homes.  Here are a few for you to check out as you visit Old Pasadena, one of Southern California’s leading destinations.

Old Pasadena - Historic Building - City Hall

Norton Simon Museum (1969)

411 W. Colorado Blvd.

The Norton Simon Museum is on the corner of Orange Grove and Colorado Blvd at the beginning of Old Town as you exit the Colorado Street Bridge.  It was designed by the architectural firm of Ladd & Kelsey.  The art museum’s interior was renovated by Frank Gehry from 1996 to 1999.

Hotel Green (1898)

Currently known as Castle Green, this was the second building of a lavish 19th-century resort built in the Moorish style for wealthy Easterners who came to California during winter months to enjoy our moderate climate.  The enclosed bridge that now ends at a small tower once crossed Raymond to connect with the first building in the hotel’s complex.  Architect for Hotel Green was Frederick Roehrig.

Pasadena City Hall (1927)

100 N. Garfield Avenue

A great example of the Mediterranean style which was translated to fit its California setting by the San Francisco architectural firm of Bakewell and Brown.  The impressive circular tower rises six stories and is topped by a dome which is in turn topped by a cupola that is finally topped by an urn and ball.

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Former Santa Fe Railway Station, 1935

222 South Raymond Avenue

Architect: H. C. Gilman

Chamber of Commerce Building, 1906

117 East Colorado Boulevard

Architects: Parkinson & Bergstrom

Kinney-Kendall Building, 1897

65 East Colorado Boulevard


Charles & Henry Greene

Friend Paper Co., 1965

100 West Green Street

Architects: Smith & Williams

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