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Pasadena’s popular E-waste event is back

Pasadena’s popular E-waste event is back

E-Waste Recycling, Document Shredding & Compost Giveaway Flyer May 2015-1

On Saturday May 23 from 9am to 3pm, the City of Pasadena is once again arranging their E-waste event to help residents and businesses safely dispose electronic waste. In addition they will also offer document shredding and compost give away. The event will take place at the Rose Bowl parking lot.

To keep up with all the new electronic gadgets that are coming out on the market it’s not difficult to start accumulating older electronic products that are just laying around in the house collecting dust. At the Pasadena e-waste event you can simply bring all your electronic items and be sure that they will be disposed safely and many parts will be recycled. The type of e-waste items accepted are: keyboards, laptops, docking stations, computers, scanners, printers, fax machines, computer mice, flat screens, DVD payers, VCRs, cassette players, stereos, PDAs, computer monitors, tape drives, household batteries and shredders.

Document Shredding
Identity theft has been a prevalent problem in many US states and everyone is vulnerable to the risk of this crime. One thing we should be aware about is making sure that printed material such as bank statements, credit approvals etc. are not just thrown out it the bin but handled with care. At the e-waste event there will be free paper shredding and you can bring a maximum of five legal-size boxes for shredding. A couple of examples of sensitive documents include checks, credit card statements, outdated tax returns, pre-printed envelopes, business cards, pre-approved credit applications, outdated tax returns and more.E-Waste Recycling, Document Shredding & Compost Giveaway Map May 2015-2

Organic Waste
A recycling event wouldn’t be complete without some compost to feed your planting beds and landscape! The compost give away is organic waste that is being composted from commercial and residential sources throughout the city. Each home can take up to 30 gallons of compost, so bring a shovel!

DATE & TIME: May 23, 9am – 3pm

ADDRESS: Rose Bowl Stadium near Brookside Park, 360 N. Arroyo Blvd – Parking Lot 1

For more information about the free e-waste recycling, document shredding and compost giveaway event, visit www.cityofpasadena.net/PublicWorks or call (626) 744-7311. The event is sponsored by the City’s Department of Public Works and Athens Services.

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