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Day 1: Pasadena City Hall

365 Things to Do in Pasadena®!  Yes… I’m taking the plunge after being inspired by several bloggers across the nation who are chronicling their city by posting an activity, highlighting a local business, reviewing restaurants or just a fun event to highlight what they love about it.

We, in Pasadena, are so fortunate to be surrounded by world renowned museums, best restaurants, character homes, and all sorts of fun activities.  So, I’ve decided to embark on a challenge to showcase 365 things to do around Pasadena® for the next year.

And, what better place to start then Pasadena’s newly renovated city hall which I had an opportunity to visit last weekend.

Day 1 of 365:  Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall, the first building in California to be built in the California Mediterranean style, opened its doors in 1927.  It was originally started with the funds from the $3.5Million bond that residents of Pasadena approved in 1923 to create a Pasadena Civic Center.

The Pasadena Civic Center was supposed to include the City Hall, Library, Civic Auditorium, Police Department, YWCA, Southern California Gas Compaly and the Post Office.  The original city hall ended up costing $1.3 Million and you can read all about its architecture and construction on Pasadena City’s site here.

The City Hall that we see today has been seismically reinforced and renovated in 2007 (a three year project!) and it’s a beauty.

A gorgeous courtyard with a rose garden and fountain.  Historical elements and details can be found every where you turn.  If you’re visiting Pasadena or didn’t take the time to stop and visit, please do.  It’s breathtaking!  Plan on spending at least an hour or so here exploring.  Don’t forget to take the stairs up to the breezeway for the best pix.

By the way, did you know that Pasadena City Hall can be rented out for special occasions?  Can you imagine having a wedding here?

Pasadena City Hall is located at 100 North Garfield Avenue in Pasadena California.

Visit 365 Things To Do In Pasadena®  for more fun activities in Pasadena California and surrounding neighborhoods.

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