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Day 26: Old Town Pasadena

Day 26 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena™ takes us to the heart of Pasadena – Old Town or Old Pasadena.

When it’s time to get together with friends or just take a stroll, buy a new iPad, find something to read or visit one of the great Pasadena restaurants head down to Old Pasadena.

Last night, to roll out our 365 Things To Do In Pasadena™ facebook page, we had a get together at Mi Piace.  It was fun to see old friends and make new friends.  A huge big shout out to Laurie March –  construction project manager extraordinaire, Ricardo Bueno – social media coach, Michelle Minch – #1 stager in LA, Raphael Guerrin – NELA realtor and all around great guy, Josh Ross – our professional photographer who forgot his camera (shoemaker without shoes?), Calvin Lee – who is loved by thousands and has a one of a kind twitter following, Chris – who I finally got to meet after a year of interaction on twitter – and her friend Byron, the lovely Dianne – aka Ms. Havisham and her friend Tom, Ted Mackel – Simi Valley Realtor and his ever present video camera, Dustin Luther – my social media and all around web guru, Kelly Russell – who after meeting a few times before, I finally got to chat with, and the ever elegant Susan Carrier – who came out to spend an evening together.  Looks like everyone enjoyed the conversation, excellent drinks and food, if not the best service.  Service at Mi Piace, unfortunately, was a bit of a disappointment.

Here’re a few pictures that I’ve taken of the evening:

Getting back to Old Town, if you ever travel through Europe and get to your destination city, the first place you will usually visit would be Old City. Every city has one. It’s literally, the heart of the city.

Pasadena has taken on the same concept with it’s Old Pasadena or Old Town. The area on Colorado between Fair Oaks and Arroyo has been revitalized several years ago and is now one of the most “happening” and fun places to be.

If you are a visitor, you’ll probably stroll up and down Colorado Blvd. taking in all the stores, restaurants and cages. However, if you live in the area, you’ll probably venture off to the side streets and the little alleys off of Colorado where the locals hang out.

So… Go out and explore Old Pasadena and discover all it has to offer.

Visit 365 Things To Do In Pasadena®  for more fun activities in Pasadena California and surrounding neighborhoods.

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