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Day 25: Original House from Halloween

Day 25 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena takes us exploring spooky homes and some movie trivia.

Did you know that the original Michael Myers House from 1978 horror classic Halloween is in South Pasadena? In fact, most of the movie was filmed there.

Halloween House

Per HalloweenHouse.net, the original house was located in the residential area of South Pasadena at 707 Meridian Avenue.  If the angle of the house looks a bit odd, it’s because the entire building was moved from its original location.

Today, the Michael Myers home, is on the corner of Meridian Avenue and Mission Street, at 1000 Mission Street, next to the railroad tracks.

Also the ‘Nichol’s Hardware Store’ where Michael Myers stole some rope, a knife, and a Halloween mask is located directly across the street. The store is now named The Frame Shop, 964 Mission Street.

This house also makes an appearance in Halloween II, the sequel.

So, check the Michael Myers house out when you have a moment!

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