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Day 272: The Cheese Store of Pasadena

If you love cheeses, you will be in absolute heaven when you visit The Cheese Store of Pasadena. Not only do they have the most outstanding selection of cheeses, but they also carry chocolates (just like the ones I picked up in Brugge a few months ago!) and various types of meats, olives and specialty deli-type items.

The Cheese Store

Loved Jason J.’s review of the Cheese Store:

In short, “Its so good, it’s retarded.”

So ok, this place specializes in acquiring high end, limited run/small production cheeses, as well as high end cheeses from some well known producers. They also carry a lot of gourmet products such as truffle oils, vinegars, sauces, gourmet chocolates, artisan pastas, a few artisan breads, and of course, one of the nicest assortments of olives I’ve ever seen.

I love all of the above, however, I still say CHOCOLATE!!!! They have some of the best hand-made chocolate in town, maybe even in Los Angeles County. Now… my kids on the other hand, love their honey selection! See… it’s not all about cheeses.

This store is a bit hidden. It’s right across Green Street Bakery on the Shopper’s Lane side of the Commons on Lake Avenue.

And, tomorrow night on the 10th, they are having a chocolate and wine tasting!Ā  $25 per head and reservations are needed.

Let your nose guide you to The Cheese Store of Pasadena for that perfect gourmet experience. I know that you will thank me for it. šŸ™‚

PS I am sure that you can pick up a great Valentine’s Day gift there as well!Ā  For more Valentine’s Day ideas, visit our Romantic Pasadena post.

140 S Lake Ave
Ste 107
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 405-0050

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