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Day 273: Fancy Food Truck Fridays


Websterʼs Stores Host Some Of L.A.ʼs Finest Gourmet Food Trucks

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When:  Friday, February 11, 2011   5PM -9PM

Websterʼs Community Pharmacy, Fine Stationers and Liquors are teaming up with the Rolling Bistros to hold the first “Fancy Food Truck Fridays” event on Friday, February 11th in the Websterʼs Parking Lot.

Gourmet food truck fans can partake of at least 4 varieties of delicious fare while chatting and visiting with their friends, family and neighbors. Banking on the popularity of trendy food trucks, this event is already planned for the second Friday of each month in Altadena.

Meredith Miller, new owner of Websterʼs Community Pharmacy, has teamed up with Sheldon Katz of L.A.ʻs Rolling Bistros, to bring the popular gourmet food trucks to the Websterʼs parking lot on Lake Ave.

Fridayʼs featured trucks are:
“The Hungry Nomad”
“No Reservations”
“Shrimp Pimp”
“Greenz on Wheelz”.

“We want to invite our Altadena neighbors to come and hang out with their friends and family.
To make that easier, we will have some family-style tables set up to enjoy the fabulous food
and relax!”

“Since this event will be on Valentineʼs Weekend, our stores will stay open until 9
p.m.to accommodate last-minute shopping” commented Meredith Miller.

Websterʼs Community Pharmacy, Fine Stationers and Liquors have been servicing Altadena residents since 1926. Websterʼs parking lot is located on the corner of Lake Ave and Marcheta. Parking will be complimentary and street parking will also available.

For more information, please contact Meredith Miller (cell) 818-731-8918 or meredithfmiller(at)gmail(dot)com! ! !  And, a big thanks going out to Lori Webster for giving the readers of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena a heads up!

2450 No. Lake Avenue
Altadena, California 91001
Store: 626-797-1163

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